KimberlyKimberly is the change the World is looking for

KimberlyKimberly has been aired on various Radio, Podcast and TV Shows such as; WVOD Radio, Source Nation, RacManRadio, V107.5, The MarloMoore Show, and many more. KimberlyKimberly's biggest influences are: Her mother. Juanita Bynum; CeCe Winans; Toni Braxton; Whitney Houston; Chante' Moore; En Vogue; and many more. 

Her project Laugh at the Devil is catching the attention of the industry nationally, but as an anointed singer/songwriter, KimberlyKimberly has not forgotten where she came from. In-fact in her music she reveals the story of her past. "There once was a time when I was afraid to share my story", said KimberlyKimberly. "Surely, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for what God had done, but I never wanted to tell my story. I was to afraid of how my friends, my family and even my foes would view me afterwords, until one Sunday in church. As I was praying, I heard the voice of God. I became overwhelmed with emotion. The voice said. “Share your story “. Fear immediately overwhelmed me. I started to tremble at what I thought God might be asking. I began to ask God for guidance. I didn’t won’t to tell the story of my life, and relationship struggles. I said, Lord you can’t mean share my past". It was very uncomfortable for KimberlyKimberly to share what she had preferred to keep a secret. She was just to afraid of what people may say or what people might think.

What had once been a burden to share became a powerful story of spiritual transformation. KimberlyKimberly's past, and the healing she experienced, became the foundation of a purpose in life that she would have never imagined. "I am living a life as proof of the life changing power of Jesus", explained KimberlyKimberly. Our stories of adversary, and overcoming in Christ are meant to serve as a testimony of God’s faithfulness and power, evidence that God really can take what the devil meant for evil and use it for good. KimberlyKimberly have since learned that it is always God’s desire for us to go and share our stories, whether we want to or not. "God has a plan and purpose for our pain", said KimberlyKimberly.

Everything KimberlyKimberly went through was in the plan of God. She was exactly where God wanted her to be, because she needed to have that experience to become greater so that she can show other people the way out of darkness. KimberlyKimberly quotes, " I am not the same person I use to be, I've been rescued".  

"You see, once you build a closer relationship with God, you will rest in knowing that God will take care of you. God said in his word that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Allow God to be your vindicator. When I gave all of my problems to God. It's like my entire life changed. I feel more powerful and confident! God blessed me with an amazing career. A beautiful big home, a house I thought I could never afford. God keep on making a way out of no way, and it is all because I followed his command. No matter what you are going through. Just remember, the more pressure you undergo, the more valuable you become". 

........................................................  KimberlyKimberly's album titled " Laugh at the Devil ",   is a representation of her life, relationship struggles and her breakthrough, the album reveals her powerful story, with the Moto " Ha!Ha!Ha! The Devil thought he had me.

To continue, KimberlyKimberly is a mother of three. She enjoys serving in her community. This amazing personality wears many hats! She enjoys teaching, speaking, and mentoring. KimberlyKimberly has been described as an experimental Inspirational singer, her music and entertainment explores contemporary forms of soul gospel and R&B. Her album "Laugh at the Devil", in stores everywhere. Laugh at the Devil has been described as a neo soul album, an album that incorporates soul, popular music, and contemporary style. 


She was Born and raised in Florida, by strong Christian parents. “I am so blessed to have two God-fearing, hard-working, confident parents”, says KimberlyKimberly. KimberlyKimberly not only would like to be known as a National Recording Artist and Public Figure, she also wants to be known as, a woman of faith, an encourager, a mother, and a friend.

The name “KimberlyKimberly“ derives from her testimony and deliverance from many insecurities and obstacles; The first Kimberly representing her “struggles” and the second Kimberly representing her “breakthrough” while adopting the motto: "If it weren't for my struggles, I would have never stumbled across my strengths, which is the reason I hold on to the 2nd Kimberly, it is a reminder that I am an overcomer.

I know how it feels to be lied and cheated on. To be broken, hurt and disregarded". KimberlyKimberly writes lyrics with a passion to share the message of forgiveness, Hope, Encouragement and Healing for others. KimberlyKimberly continues to follow her heart and passion. “My vision has so much more to offer the world”. Says KimberlyKimberly. 

Kimberly Kimberly is determined to help. KimberlyKimberly founded “Me Magazine and Awards" a motivationally entertaining organization dedicated to motivating students all over the world to reach their full potential. To learn more pop at

KimberlyKimberly have also implemented several movements, such as a movement to put an end to Bullying. It hit home, when KimberlyKimberly found out her daughter was a victim of bullying. KimberlyKimberly wanted to help put an end to this major issue among the youth. 1 out of every 10 children are harassed, threatened or subjected to other forms of bullying. This movement impacted over 3,000 students to build positive connections to help put an end to bullying.

KimberlyKimberly's favorite work derives from the ones that tell the story of who you are now. She looks for beautiful settings, whether that be a beach, park, urban street, or home and try to find ways to feature an atmosphere perfect enough to suite everyone.

KimberlyKimberly quotes that the scarf and gloves you see her wearing; "Is an expression of feminism & grace".