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Listen to KimberlyKimberly's hit single "Trust Nobody but God"


KimberlyKimberly is the change the world is looking for


KimberlyKimberly has always been the odd one. She never really fitted in.  KimberlyKimberly's difference lead  her to oppose socialism. KimberlyKimberly began to realize that it was never God's intention for her to fit in with the crowd.  KimberlyKimberly was created to stand out, Stand out to inspire! Critics are now calling KimberlyKimberly " THE MUSIC MODEL ", because of her music, style, beauty, grace, spiritual etiquette and prevailing disposition to proceed, in a distinct manner that people admire, and want to emulate. KimberlyKimberly has a  natural tendency of uniqueness, and vogue. Her music has the ability to heal you emotionally and open up your spirituality. Her entertainment is presented in "such a way as to imitate the characteristic poses struck by a model on a catwalk",  it is unique, it is eye catching and it will quickly grasp your attention! 

KimberlyKimberly's amazing personality is the change the world is looking for. Her purpose is to serve as a Model, some call it - Role Model, to present an image in the industry that will refresh, and renew the minds of the people with the right values, and the right attitude. KimberlyKimberly's goal is to reach people that do not have a relationship with God. She is a positive motivating force that people will follow, leading them to Christ in an unseen way. No question about it. She is that Down to Earth Artist and Entertainer that will lead people to Christ without judging them, and without boring them, but in a manner the world will enjoy. Just like they enjoy music from secular Entertainers.